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a Excluding small gene models (< 50 amino acids).
b TE: Transposable elements related genes and gene models. The rice proteome was searched against the MSU Oryza Repeat Database with TBLASTN and against the TE-related Pfam domains with hmmpfam. Genes and gene models with matches above cut-offs were annotated as TE-related gene models. However, genes that have been identified as TE-related based on Pfam similarity but that were annotated by Community Annotators (CA) as non-TE functional genes are classified as non-TE-related and are given the CA-provided functional annotation.
c Non-TE: Non-TE related gene models.
d There are 89 loci and 89 models on ChrSy. There are 96 loci and 96 models on ChrUn. These loci and models are not included in the totals for the main pseudomolecules.
e Note that these pseudomolecules are now identical to the IRGSP / RAP pseudomolecules.

From a cognitive perspective annotation has an important role in learning and instruction. As part of guided noticing it involves highlighting, naming or labelling and commenting aspects of visual representations to help focus learners' attention on specific visual aspects. In other words, it means the assignment of typological representations (culturally meaningful categories), to topological representations (. images). [2] This is especially important when experts, such as medical doctors, interpret visualizations in detail and explain their interpretations to others, for example by means of digital technology. [3] Here, annotation can be a way to establish common ground between interactants with different levels of knowledge. [4] The value of annotation has been empirically confirmed, for example, in a study which shows that in computer-based teleconsultations the integration of image annotation and speech leads to significantly improved knowledge exchange compared with the use of images and speech without annotation. [5]

Annotation to dissertation chemical english

annotation to dissertation chemical english


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