Bad religion greg graffin essays

With sales continuing 23 years after its release, Stranger Than Fiction is one of Bad Religion's most successful albums, featuring two of their well-known hit singles, " Infected " and the re-recorded version of " 21st Century (Digital Boy) ", which both earned airplay on MTV and radio stations, such as KROQ . The album included one more hit single, " Stranger Than Fiction ", though the last one, " Incomplete ", failed to make any national chart. The album also includes fan favorites, "Leave Mine To Me", "Tiny Voices", "The Handshake", and "Better Off Dead." As of today, Stranger Than Fiction remains the only Bad Religion record to obtain gold status in the United States and Canada . The album was re-released by Epitaph Records on September 15, 2008.

Whether noting the shared characteristics between bluegrass and punk rock or finding resonance with the enduring spirit of seemingly forgotten American towns, Graffin sees his paradox of persistence all around him. "I think Millport is a good metaphor to represent 'Anywhere, .' There's a real Millport around where I live and it's a small blink-and-you'll-miss-it town that holds an incredibly interesting history," he says. "Today it's all just remnants. This is typical of things in America and throughout Europe. You see these old buildings and artifacts, yet they are somehow persisting. The fact that they’ve been around for so long, and are still there, should give us pause."

Bad religion greg graffin essays

bad religion greg graffin essays


bad religion greg graffin essaysbad religion greg graffin essaysbad religion greg graffin essaysbad religion greg graffin essays