Can success be disastrous essay

But Republican legislators have recently shown some inclination to put the interests of the country above political calculations. The House and Senate passed the Russia sanctions bill despite furious lobbying by the White House. There has been public criticism of Trump’s backpedaling on the Iran deal. Rep. Trey Gowdy unloaded on the Trump administration for its repeated misrepresentations on Russia, saying, “this drip, drip, drip is undermining the credibility of this administration.” Several GOP senators offered public warnings to Trump not to fire Mueller or Jeff Sessions. Judiciary Committee chairman Charles Grassley said that he wouldn’t even consider a replacement for Sessions if the attorney general were cashiered. And Senator Tim Scott said last week, “we don’t work for the president.”

Similar to the story of Michael Phelps is the story of John Nash. John Nash was a codebreaker for the American government. He devoted all his time and energy to his work and achieved great success in his field. As a result of long working hours and stress associated with his profession, he started having hallucinations. He imagined that he was assigned a very crucial task by a man of the government. These hallucinations were a direct result of his great efforts to achieve success in breaking codes for his government. His mental state drove him to the point of even contemplating suicide. Thereby, it can be said that his own success was the biggest cause of his distress.

Can success be disastrous essay

can success be disastrous essay


can success be disastrous essaycan success be disastrous essaycan success be disastrous essaycan success be disastrous essay