Checklist for writing an essay

I should note that there are a number of concerns researchers have about tying their hands too much – Casey et al discuss these trade-offs in some detail, and I think most people agree that the use of these plans is not to rule out the possibility of surprise discoveries (see Bill Easterly’s satirical post showing Columbus had no impact since he did not find what he was initially looking for). Their use is still rare in economics, so I am sure we will learn a lot more about how to do them and use them over the coming years. Readers: Any other ideas of key things that should be in the checklist that I am omitting?

The working essay structure is the next stage in the expository essay checklist. The essay sample must have a great flow of thought in accordance to the topics and the thesis statement. Having a great transition is crucial for a good essay. It facilitates the readers’ flow of information to make things easier, more informative, and at the same time, interesting. One of the popular essay structures include the 5-paragraph essay with the introduction, three supporting points, and conclusion. Feel free to tell the essay provider what structure is the needed requirement for the essay or if there is none, let them choose which is the best.

❏ Avoid multiple exclamation points!!!!! Avoid even single exclamation points! Except for the case of a true exclamation, like the rare Rats! Or the too-rare Cubs win!
❏ DON’T WRITE TEXT IN ALL CAPS. It’s too hard to read, and it’s shouting in print. AND WHY SHOUT?
❏ Avoid per, as in per instructions. Other than uses like words per sentence, let cats per.
❏ Use the search function to find -ly words, adverbs. Check each adverb ending in -ly to see if it can be cut. Use stronger verbs and you won’t need the help of adverbs.
❏ Search for -ize and -ization and cut those when you can.
❏ Search for -tion words, too, and cut them down to size.
❏ Affect is a verb meaning to influence. Effect is sometimes a verb meaning to produce, but it’s most often a noun, meaning the result produced.
❏ Impact is a noun not a verb.
Wrong: The ten-pound report impacted him a lot.
Right: The impact of the ten-pound report broke his ribs, his spirit, and his momentum up the career ladder.

Checklist for writing an essay

checklist for writing an essay


checklist for writing an essaychecklist for writing an essaychecklist for writing an essaychecklist for writing an essay