Child essay obesity

Howard Frumkin, director of the National Center for Environmental Health at Centers for Disease Control, recently described the clear benefits of nature experiences to healthy child development, and to adult well-being. "In the same way that protecting water and protecting air are strategies for promoting public health, protecting natural landscapes can be seen as a powerful form of preventive medicine," he said. He believes that future research about the positive health effects of nature should be conducted in collaboration with architects, urban planners, park designers, and landscape architects. "Perhaps we will advise patients to take a few days in the country, to spend time gardening," he wrote in a 2001 American Journal of Preventive Medicine article, "or [we will] build hospitals in scenic locations, or plant gardens in rehabilitation centers. Perhaps the . . organizations that pay for health care will come to fund such interventions, especially if they prove to rival pharmaceuticals in cost and efficacy." Today, Frumkin adds, "Of course, there is still much we need to learn, such as what kinds of nature contact are most beneficial to health, how much contact is needed and how to measure that, and what groups of people benefit most. But we know enough to act." In every arena, from conservation and health to urban design and education, the movement will have no shortage of tools and no shortage of potential far-reaching benefits. Under the right conditions, cultural and political change can occur rapidly. The recycling and antismoking campaigns revealed how social and political pressure can transform society in a single generation. The children and nature movement has perhaps even greater potential because it touches something even deeper within us, biologically and spiritually. An array of leaders from different religious backgrounds have stepped forward to support the reconciliation of children and nature. Such leaders understand that all spiritual life begins with a sense of wonder, and that one of the first windows to wonder is the natural world.

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To make obesity less of a problem in school, a few things would have to be done and taken into account. First of all, a positive attitude towards healthy foodthis obesity epidemic. With better education on the subject children will understand how important eating habits and physical activity are when there is an emphasis on the subjects. Another solution is for schools to have gym class more than once a week, and during that gym class it should be required for each student to participate so that everyone is involved and no one is left out. As for food available and vending machines, healthier choices of food that children will enjoy need to be made available to them. There is no need for vending drink machines because soda’s and sugary drinks are not beneficial to anyone. Healthier foods need to be put in the vending machines at a lower price; this will have a great impact. “ Experimental studies have shown that the price of foods will control the purchase of healthier foods vs less healthy foods . . When prices were reduced

Child essay obesity

child essay obesity


child essay obesitychild essay obesitychild essay obesitychild essay obesity