Descartes essay topics

As a Catholic [44] [45] [46] in a Protestant nation, he was interred in a graveyard used mainly for orphans in Adolf Fredriks kyrka in Stockholm. His manuscripts came into the possession of Claude Clerselier , Chanut's brother-in-law, and "a devout Catholic who has begun the process of turning Descartes into a saint by cutting, adding and publishing his letters selectively." [47] In 1663, the Pope placed his works on the Index of Prohibited Books . In 1666 his remains were taken to France and buried in the Saint-Étienne-du-Mont . In 1671 Louis XIV prohibited all the lectures in Cartesianism . Although the National Convention in 1792 had planned to transfer his remains to the Panthéon , he was reburied in the Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in 1819, missing a finger and skull. [48] His skull is on display in the Musee de l'Homme in Paris. [49]

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Descartes essay topics

descartes essay topics


descartes essay topicsdescartes essay topicsdescartes essay topicsdescartes essay topics