Disadvantages of child labour essay

Middle-class children with more choice-making opportunities in daily interactions with parents, as well as with more participation in structured leisure activities (., music lessons, organized sports), may be more comfortable navigating environments similar to classrooms than lower-class children more accustomed to following direct instructions and having more unstructured time. 28 This difference may be especially advantageous for middle-class children after elementary school, when making intellectual choices (“critical thinking”) becomes more important in school curricula.

  • The parents are not on "home ground" and do not have the same control they would at home.
  • Hospitals are primarily associated with illness.
  • Hospitals can seem impersonal and intimidating.
  • As a large institution, the hospital has rules, policies and red tape; they are rarely altered to accommodate an individual.
  • Less privacy is available.
  • The father is often less actively involved in a hospital setting, and may fell like an "outsider".
  • The mother's birth is usually managed by experts trained in pathology, not normal births.
  • The risk of iatrogenic complications and infection to the mother and baby is greater among mothers who deliver in hospitals, than among those who give birth at home or in a birthing center.
  • The mother is at a significantly higher risk of having an unnecessary cesarean section.
  • Some routine separation of the mother and baby is almost unavoidable.
  • Most hospitals do not allow the mother much rest.

When comparing closed versus open authoring approaches, it is worth looking at the history of Wikipedia, which has succeeded in creating the largest encyclopedia in history. Wikipedia was preceded by the Nupedia [3] project, which also aimed to build a free content encyclopedia. Nupedia was not an open wiki like Wikipedia and adopted an extensive process of peer review before final publication of an article. After years, Nupedia had only completed 24 Articles, with 74 more articles as work in progress. Clearly this authoring model was not scalable, and was a strong motivation for Jimmy Wales, the founder of Nupedia to open up the authoring model by starting the Wikipedia project.

Disadvantages of child labour essay

disadvantages of child labour essay


disadvantages of child labour essaydisadvantages of child labour essaydisadvantages of child labour essaydisadvantages of child labour essay