Effect of peer pressure essay

Adolescence is also characterized by physical changes, new emotions, and sexual urges, and teenagers are likely to participate in sexual activity . A longitudinal study done in 2012 followed a group of adolescents for thirteen years. Self-reports, peer nominations, teacher ratings, counselor ratings, and parent reports were collected, and results showed a strong correlation between deviant peer groups and sexual promiscuity . Many teens claimed that the reasons for having sex at a young age include peer pressure or pressure from their partner. The effects of sexual activity at a young age are of great concern. Pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are only a few of the consequences that can occur. [41]

A couple of weeks ago just a short distance from my home, a nineteen-year-old kid at a party accidentally shot his seventeen-year-old friend in the stomach with a sawed-off shotgun that someone else had brought to a party. (I don’t want to get into the underaged drinking nor what a seventeen-year-old girl was doing sixty miles from home at 11 o’clock at night.) The shooter, although not a model citizen with a perfect past, immediately recognized what he’d done and himself placed the 911 call. He’s been charged with second-degree murder. My heart goes out to him. She was a friend. He was, if the stories are true, goofing off. This study makes a good case for manslaughter or perhaps even a lesser charge for him.

Effect of peer pressure essay

effect of peer pressure essay


effect of peer pressure essayeffect of peer pressure essayeffect of peer pressure essayeffect of peer pressure essay