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"May Ra look over us each and every day!"
"What is new along the nile today?" TRY THE PHOTO TOUR OF THE TEMPLE OF PHILAE

The next set of photos are up for your virtual tour of Ancient Egypt. I have now moved you on to the Temple of Philae. Make sure to read up on Philae by clicking here .

When you are done there move onto the photo gallery over here . Each photo has a full description of the area to help you get around.

Click here for a map of the Temple of Philae to help guide you.

More areas to be posted soon, stay tuned! Don't forget to try and use the Hieroglyph Translator . The photo tours will continue to be organized by area released quarterly series by location and moving along.

If anyone has special requests do not hesitate to write them into me. As well as to all the students, teachers, and all those just interested in Ancient Egypt for fun who write with their questions I am doing my best to get to each and everyone of you.

Thank you for visiting and come again!
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Papyrus is still used by communities living in the vicinity of swamps, to the extent that rural householders derive up to 75% of their income from swamp goods. [23] Particularly in East and Central Africa, people harvest papyrus, which is used to manufacture items that are sold or used locally. Examples include baskets, hats, fish traps, trays or winnowing mats, and floor mats. [24] Papyrus is also used to make roofs, ceilings, rope and fences. Although alternatives, such as eucalyptus , are increasingly available, papyrus is still used as fuel. [25]

The members of the American Research Center in Egypt are sad to mark the passing of leading American Egyptologist William Kelly Simpson. Professor of Egyptology at Yale University, curator of Egyptian art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and benefactor to ARCE, Professor Simpson's contributions to Egyptology were many and significant. The Marilyn M. and William Kelly Simpson Library in ARCE Cairo's headquarters, was named in recognition of his generosity to our organization. ARCE Director Gerry Scott, a student of Professor Simpson, noted "Kelly was one of the field's great all around Egyptologists who was knowledgeable in most areas of our field and led a life filled with academic accomplishment. His many students serve as a lasting legacy."

Egypt research paper ideas

egypt research paper ideas


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