Environmental problem solution essay topics

“Karst is the name applied to topography that develops on land underlain by soluble rocks such as limestone, gypsum, and salt. Karst terrain is characterized by solution features such as caves, sinkholes, depressions, enlarged joints and fractures, and internal drainage,” from Ray Harris’ description of karst features of the Colorado Plateau of northern Arizona. Much of the Colorado Plateau of Arizona is underlain by limestone and gypsum, giving rise to numerous karst features – chiefly sinkholes and open fractures.

Media coverage of natural disasters seems to vary a lot depending on the disaster. Is it selective? Why do some regions get more attention than others? Even when millions have died in a region from conflict and war, how is it that a disaster that claims less in lives — sometimes in the same area, as in the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo — will bring in media interest and coverage? 2005 has recently seen a number of disasters and relief efforts, from the Asian tsunami, to the severe hurricanes and storms in the Caribbean, the earthquake in South Asia (Pakistan and India), and drought in parts of Africa. How has the media covered these?

Good news. Sure. If it could actually happen. It’s sad to me that the sobering realities like climate change and mass extinction are always couched as “fixable”. They’re not. We’ve unwittingly started irreversible non-linear global ecosystem wide feedbacks that won’t stop anytime soon. Human culture at the scale we’re at currently is inherently unsustainable, degenerative and ecocidal. Among humans driven to breed and conspicuously consume ever more of everything (most of them), they’re not likely to choose to do otherwise until forced to, and by that time, the jig is up. We’re basically bacteria in a petri dish. Ravenously consuming all nutrients in our environment, population exploding until there are no nutrients left and population crashes. We’d do well to expect that population crash sooner than later. We’re not clever enough to get out of this intractable predicament we’ve wrought. The restoration of life on earth likely won’t happen on human timescales. Mass extinctions take eons to unfold.

Environmental problem solution essay topics

environmental problem solution essay topics


environmental problem solution essay topicsenvironmental problem solution essay topicsenvironmental problem solution essay topicsenvironmental problem solution essay topics