Essay on banking in rural areas

From the point of countries, politicians will perceive the ongoing situation as a wake-up call with regard to lower birth rates, more demands on houses, and more energy consumption. Firstly, more single households mean more single persons, and the population will shrink in the wake of falling number of married couples. Secondly, more houses are required to fulfill the need of individuals, which cause cities even more densely populated. London is a famous example; the number of houses has been stimulated by 48% over the past five years, and 80% of them are for singles. Finally, the consumption of electricity and gas will soar when more people choose to live on their own, and it will further pose a threat to our livelihood.

If you can't find anything that thrills you, just pick something and get started. Take your most basic idea and start with it. But before jumping on to any particular topic, you need to evaluate each potential topic.

How to Choose a Stance or Position?
In many topics, you will be required to take a side on a specific issue in order to construct a persuasive essay or an argument so, you will need to know how to take a strong stance on a subject at some point. There is an art to taking a side. You have to be a little crafty. To really persuade someone in an argument essay, you have to know a little about each side and pick the one you can argue most effectively.

You must remember that you don't have to choose the side you believe, necessarily. If you are going to be graded according to your logical points, you might have to go against your gut feelings.

For instance, if a topic asks you argue either for or against the use of pesticide in cultivation of food grains. Then, you should avoid getting carried away in emotions and think practically. First, draw a line down the middle of a piece of scrap paper, dividing the sheet in half. Label one side as 'yes', and other side as 'no'. Then think of strengths for each side and list at least three strong points for both sides.

Once you have come up with various points for each side of your issue, read over the results to determine which side is strongest, and which you could argue most effectively. Decide which side has the points that you could back up with examples like statistics, expert opinions, anecdotes, observations, precedence, consequence, etc.

Even though you choose one side as the strongest for your argument, you must be able to demonstrate that you understand both sides of your issue. Keep this in mind as you construct your argument essay, and use the strengths that you listed for the opposite side.

Practice is the need of the hour!!
Essay writing is something that you cannot improve overnight. It has to be in your habit. For developing a habit of essay writing, you need to practice it on day to day basis. Writing practice is very important, but to develop a habit of analysis is much more important.

If you really want to reach a position where you can write an essay over any given topic, then you have to develop a habit of analyzing each and every situation as well as topic you come across. For analyzing, you need to chart the following steps:

Small and medium-scale enterprises are defined variously. Some of the criteria employed in defining these enterprises include: number of workers, value of assets or annual turnover, nature of premises/space, status of registration/ legality of business and sustainability (CBS et al., 1999). However, most definitions employ the number of workers criteria as this is easier to determine compared to other measures of size. For example, many businesses may not be willing to reveal the value of their assets or annual turnovers. In addition, the upper and lower limit of employees in SMEs is defined by the size of the economy (Egbetokun et al., 2010). In the United States for example, the upper limit size for SMEs is set at 500 employees for most manufacturing and mining industries (US Small Business Administration, 2009). In the European Union, a medium enterprise is one that employs up to 250 people (Commission Recommendation, 2003). In China, the definition of SMEs is quite complex and can include relatively large firms. For example, an industrial SME is defined as having up to 2,000 employees, while a medium-sized business has between 301 and 2,000 employees, and a small business has less than 300 workers (/research/images/pdf/china-pdf). Therefore, what is regarded as an SME in China or in the US maybe quite large relative to an SME in another smaller economy.

Essay on banking in rural areas

essay on banking in rural areas


essay on banking in rural areasessay on banking in rural areasessay on banking in rural areasessay on banking in rural areas