Essay on jane austen's life

This bibliography of books was derived basically by capturing and massaging the output from a FIND SUBJECT JANE AUSTEN search of an on-line library catalog, so I can blame any deficiencies on someone else! Generally I have retained only the first printing, ignoring reprints, and have only included one publisher when a book is published both in Britain and America. A slash "/" separates alternative titles that a book has been published under (or when a book has been published under both a long and a short title, the slash separates the part which is always included in the title from the part which is not). It may be more interesting to browse the subject index to this list, than this list itself.

“Jane Austen is a great and interesting theme. However I had to contain the topic and limit it to a few aspects. I decided that “her world”, which meant her social class, would be my focus as well as the question whether it had an influence on her literary work. To understand the gentry, her social class, one has to have some background knowledge about that time. Aspects that I had to leave out are her family and her way of life, which is also interesting to me and which possibly also influenced her works. In my working process I found that an analysis of the influence of her social class on all her novels would take too much time and exceed the length of this essay. So I have limited it to two of her novels, her first one and the most well known one. Thereby the question “In how far did Jane Austen’s social background influence her novels  Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice ?” became the topic of this essay.”

Essay on jane austen's life

essay on jane austen's life


essay on jane austen's lifeessay on jane austen's lifeessay on jane austen's lifeessay on jane austen's life