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I worked with them in ‘Lincoln’. I was there for 11 days and loved every bit of it. I was featured in the War Dept. scene using a morse code key. Also the flag raising scene, the House scene voting on the 13th Amendment and in the amputee scene in a horse and carriage. I tried as much as possible to learn and watch how they were doing everything. It was an incredible experience and thank you for the article here. I loved it, very in depth and very insightful. I own a Bell and Howell 2709 35mm and am getting ready to test film with it. It was found on a landfill in Long Island and I was lucky enough to buy it off the finder 22 years ago. It was built in 1918 and has links to USN and some animation company in NY. I am looking forward to allowing it to see film for the first time in maybe 50 years and it very exciting. Peace F. O’Doherty B&H 2709 #289

Where to use "only" in a sentence is a moot question, one of the mootest questions in all rhetoric. The purist will say that the expression: "He only died last week," is incorrect, and that it should be: "He died only last week." The purist's contention is that the first sentence, if carried out to a natural conclusion, would give us something like this: "He only died last week, he didn't do anything else, that's all he did." It isn't a natural conclusion, however, because nobody would say that and if anybody did it would be likely to lead to stomping of feet and clapping of hands, because it is one of the singy-songy expressions which set a certain type of person to acting rowdy and becoming unmanageable. It is better just to let the expression go, either one way or the other, because, after all, this particular sentence is of no importance except in cases where one is breaking the news to a mother. In such cases one should begin with: "Mrs Gormley, your son has had an accident," or: "Mrs. Gormley, your son is not so good," and then lead up gently to: "He died only last week."

James Thurber
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Guide to Modern English Usage

Essay on schindler's list

essay on schindler's list


essay on schindler's listessay on schindler's listessay on schindler's listessay on schindler's list