Essays on charity work

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Also on the fifth day we officially opened the school. There was an opening ceremony where the leaders of the organisation as well as government officials made speeches. Then after the school was opened there was a huge meal for everyone including children who would attend the school and there were traditional Khmer (Cambodian) dancers. I spent the majority of the evening of a lovely boy around fifteen years of age who was blind. The charity had paid for him to have surgery that removed a growth from his face. He was lovely company although unlike other locals who you could communicate to with hand actions I couldn’t with him. In the end we ended up helping each count to ten in our own languages. I learnt to count to ten in Khmer (Cambodian) and him in English. That night was my favourite of the entire trip.

Essays on charity work

essays on charity work


essays on charity workessays on charity workessays on charity workessays on charity work