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REVILO PENDLETON OLIVER (pictured above) was my friend and my mentor, and one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, fully on a par with . Mencken, and one of our nation’s most incisive thinkers of any period. This month and next I will be presenting a series of his most important works on this broadcast. Today we begin with an extract of his posthumously-published book,  The Jewish Strategy , which I have given the editorial title of “The Jewish Plague, part 1.” This piece deals with the most momentous issue of all time: the challenge to our very existence posed by the Jewish power structure and the ideologies it has spawned. I give you the words of Revilo P. Oliver:

Further analysis notes that such rhyming reduplication in English is generally either juvenile (as in Humpty Dumpty or hokey-pokey ) or pejorative (as in namby-pamby or mumbo-jumbo ) and that, further, Hobson and Jobson were stock characters in Victorian times, used to indicate a pair of yokels, clowns, or idiots (compare Thomson and Thompson ). [5] [6] The title thus produced negative associations – being at best self-deprecatory on the part of the authors, suggesting themselves a pair of idiots – and reviewers reacted negatively to the title, generally praising the book but finding the title inappropriate. [ citation needed ] Indeed, anticipating this reaction, the title was kept secret – even from the publisher – until shortly before publication. [7]

Geographical essays william morris davis

geographical essays william morris davis


geographical essays william morris davisgeographical essays william morris davisgeographical essays william morris davisgeographical essays william morris davis