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Think you’ve got what it takes to write a good review? Then set about getting your work published, whether in print or online. Investigate local newspapers and magazines and find out if they have a reviews section. If so, enquire whether they accept freelance submissions – it may be that the editor is always on the lookout for avid readers with plenty to say. Alternatively, submit your critique to the reviews section of websites such as , or use the Living Social Visual Bookshelf app on Facebook – whilst this isn’t paid, it’s a great way to share your work, and fellow users have the option to rate your review.

As of January 2014, we have instituted a new policy especially for authors and publishers whose book passed the initial screening, but didn't make the final cut because of "too many books, not enough reviewers". These authors or publishers may submit the MBR a review from any other reviewer or review resource, as long as they have that reviewer's permission to do so. We will run the review in our monthly book review publication Reviewer's Bookwatch , under that reviewer's byline. This policy is retroactive, so if you have ever submitted a book to the Midwest Book Review in the past and it failed to achieve a review assignment from us, then this offer is open to you.

If you are looking for sample book reviews, then you have come to the right place. Book-review- hosts over a hundred sample book reviews of popular literary texts. The reviews that you will find here are exemplary because of their academic value, seriousness of intent and quality of writing. These review samples are also worth reading because they have been written by regular readers keeping in mind the reading convenience of similar readers.

These reviews hold much more literary value than most other book review samples that you will find on the internet. This is because, reviews at this website are structured to give a good critical analysis of the book in question. All reviewers are required to follow the guidelines specified in the website. Therefore all book reviews that are hosted at book-review- comprise of a short summary of the book, talk briefly of its socio-historical context and the writing style of the author. Not only this, the sample book reviews on this website also have a special paragraph specifically mentioning the readers personal reaction to the book. This format of review writing ensures that the reviewer is able to review the book objectively without coloring the entire review with his personal opinion of the book. This in turn benefits the reader who may have a different perspective about the book than the reviewer.

Another important point to note about the review sample on this website is the fact that all reviews are about 400-500 words long. This ensures that the reader always receives a good amount of information about the book. At the same, since the reviews are only a page long, reading them does not seem like a tedious task. Thus the sample reviews hosted here are just the right length for the casual reader who wants to read reviews online.

Unstructured book reviews that are found in most other websites often become too biased towards the reviewer's personal thought process. Such reviews hold very less value for the reader who is looking for an unbiased critical approach to the literary text.

Many a times, book summaries pass as book reviews. Such reviews hardly mention the literary aspects of the book in question, whether the theme of the book is relevant to modern times, whether the characters are memorable and endearing and other such we see that unstructured approaches to writing a book review does not help create exemplary book reviews. To know more about writing good book reviews click here . Tweet

Good book reviews

good book reviews


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