Gsce english coursework

What a lovely teacher my daughter has!

I have had a reply and she has said basically what mmrred says and is delighted with her progress. She mentions some things particular to my daughters English learning this year which, if she takes the opportunity, will help support her to her end of year target of 6C. She has given me details of where in her books to find her target work so we can be sure she is working on those things. I suspect, knowing my daughter she is fully aware of what they are and has it under control.

She has said wait until year 10 if we want to involve a private tutor due to all the things mentioned above.

Not yet heard on Maths which is a similar situation - working at 5b but, in Maths, she never performs in tests to her ability in Maths (got 4a last time when working at 5b) so she needs some support there - well, she has actually asked for that because it annoys her. Hopefully, I will hear from that teacher soon.

Gsce english coursework

gsce english coursework


gsce english courseworkgsce english courseworkgsce english courseworkgsce english coursework