Hobbes vs rousseau term papers

The problem is that, when somebody who is regarded or chosen as a role model, or is admired for whatever reason or purposes, or is a political or other social “authority”, or a “leader” of people, makes statements that – at the very least – suggest that it is ok or justifiable to hate others, and – at worst – to kill others, it can have highly undesirable and unjust consequences. Just because it may be difficult to link the song to farm-killings doesn’t mean that that link doesn’t exist. In this regard, the alleged historical context is absolutely irrelevant – even in that context, was it justified????!!!!!

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Given that we are in conditions that seem to favor leftist ideals, the modern debate between leftists and rightists is, to mix metaphors atrociously, about how hard we can milk the goose that lays the golden eggs. Leftists think we can just keep drawing more and more happiness and utility for all out of our massive scientific and technological progress. Rightists are holding their breath for something to go terribly, terribly wrong and require the crisis-values they have safeguarded all this time – which is why posts like this one seem to be the purest expression of rightist wish-fulfillment fantasy.

Hobbes vs rousseau term papers

hobbes vs rousseau term papers


hobbes vs rousseau term papershobbes vs rousseau term papershobbes vs rousseau term papershobbes vs rousseau term papers