Marijuana essays conclusion

The Uniform State Narcotic Drug Act , first tentative draft in 1925 and fifth final version in 1932, was a result of work by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws . It was argued that the traffic in narcotic drugs should have the same safeguards and the same regulation in all of the states. The committee took into consideration the fact that the federal government had already passed the Harrison Act in 1914 and the Federal Import and Export Act in 1922. Many people assumed that the Harrison Act was all that was necessary. The Harrison Act, however, was a revenue-producing act and, while it provided penalties for violation, it did not give the states themselves authority to exercise police power in regard to seizure of drugs used in illicit trade, or in regard to punishment of those responsible. The act was recommended to the states for that purpose. [26] As a result of the Uniform State Narcotic Act, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics encouraged state governments to adopt the act. By the middle of the 1930s all member states had some regulation of cannabis. [27] [28] [29]

There’s no “grey” in the law. The fact that “Uncle Sam” says they’re backing off of harassing dispensaries & their clients, does not represent a change in the law that justifies your site to, totally falsely, proclaim CBD is legal in all 50 states. It’s not. ALL cannabinoids in/from cannabis were, and remain, Schedule 1 drugs, and illegal. Whether the law is right, or not, is not the point. That’s a different issue. What’s worse is that Dixie Botanicals “Dew Drops” 1 oz bottle contains less than three doses in their 100mg bottle, when anecdotal evidence everywhere says a dose should be 30-50mg. A lot of people might think it’s an inexpensive product, but it’s equivalent to making a cherry pie with one cherry. They will be disappointed, but you will have made your money. What a shame!

Marijuana essays conclusion

marijuana essays conclusion


marijuana essays conclusionmarijuana essays conclusionmarijuana essays conclusionmarijuana essays conclusion