Obama campaign essays

Could there have been more sympathy for Clinton’s aides in the press and official Washington? The lesson appears to be that if administration officials repeat often enough the party line that “we were all working really hard, we all understand that classified information is really important, and we all really did our best to protect it,” the media and intelligence-agency chiefs will forgive the transmission and storage of even thousands of classified e-mails on an unsecured server that was undoubtedly hacked by hostile intelligence services.

Mr. Obama sought legislation to cap greenhouse gas emissions and create a marketplace for carbon early in his first term, but was left to advance lower-profile measures with his executive power after the effort died in Congress. After going all but silent on the issue during his 2012 re-election campaign, Mr. Obama has come to consider action on climate change a key to his legacy . He rolled out the country’s most aggressive regulations to date and positioned the United States as a leader among the nearly 200 nations that gathered in Paris to reach a landmark climate accord last month .

Obama campaign essays

obama campaign essays


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