On line education

If you plan to use your veteran’s benefits for your education, you are entitled to a Shopping Sheet in accordance with Executive Order 13607. It provides a breakdown of your education costs so you can compare costs between the institutions you select. It also shows how your benefits and any financial aid are applied to your education. The information provided in the Shopping Sheet is an estimate of your individual education cost and any financial aid for which you might be eligible. This estimate is based on the information you provided in the Financial Plan with Net Price Calculator. Please refer to your financial aid award letter for the actual amount of financial aid awarded.

The key is that online eSchools allow students to have instant access to iconic media, . photographs, film/video clips,
animation clips, virtual field trips, QTVRs, sound clips to help convey information and concepts. Much better for teachers to SHOW & TELL rather than to just TELLl information to students like our ancestors did in the Bronze Age…and assume the students know what you’re talking/telling about.
Why do most kids HATE SCHOOL? Because they have to
sit in their seats for six hours a day listening to a teacher
chalkTALK to them in an attempt to convey information.

On line education

on line education


on line educationon line educationon line educationon line education