Painting vs photography essay

  • Binder: gum arabic and water
  • Vehicle (solvent): water
  • Ground: paper
  • Drys fast/water soluble
  • transparent to transluscent

Painting Color Theory

Basic Color Concepts
  • Hue - Primary/secondary/intermediate colors
  • Value - Low/high key - Light/dark - Shades vs. tints
  • Intensity - Chroma - Dull/Bright
  • Transparent/transluscent/opaque
  • Temperature - Warm/Cool
  • Unifying Relationships - Monochomatic, Analogous
  • Contrasting Relationships - Complementary, Polychromatic,
  • Local/Arbitrary
  • Juxtaposed colors - Pointillism/Divisionism
  • Symbolic color
  • Expressive color
  • Texture - impasto/collage/trompe l'oeil

I have been into all types of art for years (keep in mind im only 23). Drawing, painting, chalk pastel, and other types of crafts. I can never remember a time I wasn’t into art. In all the years I’ve been painting, I’ve always used acrylics. I’ve considered trying oils, but I’m so used to acrylics now, I’d probably wind up with a big muddy mess. Some of my favorite side tools (i guess you could call it that) is a Floating Medium and sponges of various textures. I love how the floating medium helps me layer my colors without them covering up each other.

Painting vs photography essay

painting vs photography essay


painting vs photography essaypainting vs photography essaypainting vs photography essaypainting vs photography essay