Pakistan foreign aid essay

The risk of pushing countries whose cooperation we need closer to Russia, China and Saudi Arabia — all of which have sizable aid programs of their own — is something Congress and the Trump administration should consider. Long-standing relationships, such as we have with Pakistan and Egypt, do need to be revisited. There’s no question that foreign aid needs to be reformed so that it better serves our national interest instead of supporting countries that undermine our goals. But empty threats put us in a poor negotiating position — something that this president should, at least in theory, know a bit about.

Pakistan exports rice , kinnows , mangoes , furniture , cotton fiber , cement , tiles , marble , textiles , clothing , leather goods, sports goods (renowned for footballs/soccer balls), cutlery , surgical instruments , electrical appliances , software , carpets , rugs , ice cream, livestock meat, chicken , powdered milk , wheat , seafood (especially shrimp/prawns), vegetables , processed food items, Pakistani-assembled Suzukis (to Afghanistan and other countries), defense equipment (submarines, tanks, radars), salt , onyx , engineering goods, and many other items. Pakistan produces and exports cements to Asia and the Middle East . In August 2007, Pakistan started exporting cement to India to fill in the shortage there caused by the building boom. [8] Russia is a growing market for Pakistani exporters. In 2009/2010 the export target of Pakistan was US $20 billion. [9] As of April 2015, Pakistan's exports stand at US $29 billion.

Pakistan foreign aid essay

pakistan foreign aid essay


pakistan foreign aid essaypakistan foreign aid essaypakistan foreign aid essaypakistan foreign aid essay