Paper vs plastic bags essay

My daughter is having a green vegan wedding. We are planting trees for all our out of town guests and encouraging them to plant one where they live, in addition to many other green things that we are doing. We would like to educate our guests about how many resources they are saving by having a vegan wedding, staying in a hotel three miles from the venue and walking distance to a multitude of stores, including a coffee/dessert shop, hardware store, pharmacy and a number of restaurants. Is there a website that could help us figure it out?

These bags look great. Very finished looking, with creative designs.

I love your suggestion of using french fry bags and such, but I have to say I'm a little disappointed to see so many of these fused bag instructables suggesting the use of plastic shopping bags. Reusing plastic that is harder to avoid, such as chip bags, seems like a great way to not send more trash to the landfill or recycling center. Shopping bags and produce bags can be used again though, or just not taken in the first place. I'm not knocking your i'ble here at all, I just hope it doesn't encourage people to go out and take more plastic bags than they normally would, just so they get fun patterns or whatever for their recycled, earth-happy bags.

Paper vs plastic bags essay

paper vs plastic bags essay


paper vs plastic bags essaypaper vs plastic bags essaypaper vs plastic bags essaypaper vs plastic bags essay