Parenting styles authoritative essay

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In some Mayan communities, young girls are not permitted around the hearth, for an extended period of time since corn is sacred. Despite this being an exception to the more common Indigenous American practice of integrating children into all adult activities, including cooking, it is a strong example of observational learning. These Mayan girls can only see their mothers making tortillas in small bits at a time, they will then go and practice the movements their mother used on other objects, such as the example of kneading thin pieces of plastic like a tortilla. From this practice, when a girl comes of age, she is able to sit down and make tortillas without any explicit verbal instruction as a result of her observational learning. [44]

10) Helicopter Parenting / Overparenting What Is Helicopter Parenting:
The Origin of Helicopter Parenting: The term helicopter parents was coined by Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline in their work "Parenting with Love and Logic: Teaching Children Responsibility" . The interesting metaphor of helicopter parents effectively illustrates the main characteristics of these parents: In someway shape of form they always keep their children at very close range, constantly 'hovering' above them trying to make sure that no harm will come to them.

Parenting styles authoritative essay

parenting styles authoritative essay


parenting styles authoritative essayparenting styles authoritative essayparenting styles authoritative essayparenting styles authoritative essay