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Option B: Common Application Recommendation Form
Once in the Common Application, select "My Colleges" in the left-hand menu, and then "Assign Recommenders." Enter the required information for the form. Please note: you will need your recommender's name, position title, e-mail address, and work phone number to complete the form. Your recommender will then be contacted and invited to submit your recommendation through the Common Application system. If your recommender has already submitted your recommendation via the Common Application, please do not send additional hard copies as this will delay our ability to process your application file. Instead, please verify that these items were submitted on the School Forms tab in the Common Application system.

The headquarters of major companies like Apple, Google, Wells Fargo, and Twitter are in the state of California. California has many opportunities for professionals with MBA degrees, but what about online MBA degrees? Are online MBA degrees as legitimate as traditional MBA degrees? . News and World Report suggests that while getting an online MBA from a reputable school increases your chances of getting employed, employers still need to be educated because the stigma is still there. However, the stigma against online programs in general, including online MBA programs is rapidly changing. Business Insider says “63 percent of online MBA programs expect to increase” from last year, reflecting “the growing interest in the [online] educational format.”

Pepperdine essay

pepperdine essay


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