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Welcome to the School of Psychology at Georgia Tech. As you roam  our webpage , you’ll notice that p sychology at  GaTech   is rather  unique in a number of ways.   You already know  that  w e are embedded  in one of the leading science and engineering institution of higher education  in the world.   Unlike many of our peers, o ur home col lege is the College of Science, which also houses  the likes of  Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Math.    You’ll see  we have a structure of 5 programs that help us manage the research efforts and provide focused training to our graduate students,  but I can tell you   that  all of  the  faculty move easily between areas.   Finally, you may notice that we are small, intentionally.  It allows us to focus our research and our training in a way that has made us exceptional.    

The department encourages student and faculty research that contributes to psychological knowledge in general and that is sensitive to social, cultural, and political influences and concerns. At the master's level, the department offers a program in general psychology that provides students with in-depth training in all the major fields of psychology. After students complete their master's degree , there are two doctoral programs to which they can apply through a separate application process: the PhD in Cognitive, Social, and Developmental Psychology (CSD) and the PhD in Clinical Psychology . Every attempt is made to promote an interdisciplinary approach to psychological issues and foster interaction between the CSD and Clinical Psychology programs. PhD students are free to work with faculty from either area. While in the program, master's and doctoral-level students also have the option of taking classes offered through the Concentration in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling  to gain additional training in working with substance use in clinical settings.

How does your political and societal understanding of the world shape your goals and motivations? At the MAGIC Lab, Dr. Kristin Laurin explores the complex relationship between motivations and beliefs, connecting the dots between goal pursuits to areas like religious belief systems, political ideologies, moral codes and more.

  • CHAMPIONING NEUROSCIENCE Dr. Liisa Galea is UBC’s new Neuroscience Graduate Program Director. As a longstanding champion of neuroscience and the first PhD in Neuroscience to graduate from Western University, Galea sees this role as a way to give back to the neuroscience community.
  • NEW RESEARCH Want to recycle or compost more? Try moving the bins closer, new UBC Psychology research suggests. The findings highlight how small changes in convenience can have a big impact on performance.
  • EVIDENCE BASED TREATMENT The UBC Psychology Clinic is a featured Innovation Snapshot at UBC. Discover the remarkable people pushing the boundaries of their disciplines, inventing creative solutions to societal challenges and contributing to new knowledge from across the entire UBC community.
  • POLAR MEDAL Congratulations to Dr. Peter Suedfeld, who was awarded the Canadian Honours Polar Medal. The Polar Medal celebrates Canada’s northern heritage and recognizes those who have contributed to or endeavoured to promote a greater understanding of Canada’s northern communities and its people.
  • KILLAM DISTINCTION A life of research leads to a University Killam Professorship for Dr. Janet Werker, UBC professor and Canada Research Chair in Psychology. Dr. Werker is one of the world’s leading developmental psychologists. Through her research she explores the foundations of language learning, including multi-language acquisition in infancy.
  • Psychology dissertation autism

    psychology dissertation autism


    psychology dissertation autismpsychology dissertation autismpsychology dissertation autismpsychology dissertation autism