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The life of the spiritual seeker is often a solitary affair. However, there are friends to find, books to read, and information to share. The TAT Foundation and its spiritual search site offer a place for genuine philosophical and spiritual inquiry on all levels, modeled on the principle that cooperation and interaction with fellow inquirers can expedite a seeker's own investigation. Within these pages, you will find an introduction to Richard Rose and his system for spiritual achievement, the continuing work of the TAT Foundation, and esoteric books and recordings of value to those interested in the search for Reality. The depth of friendship and a unique set of principles without the dogma—these form the basic precepts of TAT ® videos, audio, publications, and events.

James Rose includes new scholarship on many important works, including the Dickenson Garden in Pasadena and the Averett House in Columbus, Georgia, as well as unpublished correspondence. In letters to his mother, Rose reveals a tenderness toward nature and faith in spiritual harmony that belies his reputation as an alienated social critic. Throughout his career Rose refined his conservation ethic, seeing recycled materials and waste reduction as opportunities to create landscapes for contemplation, self-discovery, and pleasure. At a time when issues of economy and environmentalism are even more pressing, Rose’s writings and projects are both relevant and revelatory.

Rose essays

rose essays


rose essaysrose essaysrose essaysrose essays