Samples of introduction to essays

3. Sales and Marketing Introduction Letter Samples

Introduce New Product - Buyers

Introduce New Product - Targeted

Introduce New Product - Sponsorship

Introduce New Product Line - Trade Show

Introduce New Product - Customer Mailer

Introduce New Service - Targeted Letter

Introduce New Service - Announce To Customers

Introduce Event Opportunity - Potential Exhibitors

Introduce New Program - Customer List

Introduce New Location - Existing Customers

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. Could you show me your identification card please?
Hello. Sure, here you are.

2. Could you tell me your full name please?
My full name is XXX. I am also called by my English name, which is XXX.

3. What shall I call you?
You could call me XXX.

4. How are you?
I am well thank you, and yourself?

5. How old are you?
I am 22 years old. In other words, I was born in 1980. On the eight of March 1980, to be exact.

6. Does your name have any special meaning? ( 5 - 6 )
Yes, my name does have some special meaning. My family name means peace, and my first name means strong one. My English name was given to me by one of my high school teachers, and it does not have any special meaning really.

6. Does your name have any special meaning? ( 7 - 8 )
I presume you are referring to my Chinese name. Yes, the English equivalent of my family name would be something like peace, and in the case of my first name it would be strong one. My English name was randomly chosen by one of my high school teachers, and it really doesnt have any special meaning.

7. Is your name important to you? ( 5 - 6 )
No. I dont think it can do anything for me. I believe a person has to work out his own life. I am planning to do this as well as I can.

7. Is your name important to you? ( 7 - 8 )
Not really. I am part of the new generation who do not attach too much significance to our names. Names were important to the older generation as they of the opinion that it will determine your destiny to some extent. However, I personally believe that I myself will determine my destiny irrespective of what my name is. I will do this by acquiring good qualifications and by working hard.

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Samples of introduction to essays

samples of introduction to essays


samples of introduction to essayssamples of introduction to essayssamples of introduction to essayssamples of introduction to essays