Scholorship essay

In my opinion scholarship requirements should be based on academic standards. Students should be required to have atleast a to qualify for a scholarship. It is not hard work to keep a or lower so why get a scholarship? Scholarships are for people who work hard and go the extra mile. I don’t think ACT or SAT scores should be the main focus because those tests are designed to be harder than normal which means students are less likely to score very high. I honestly believe with hard work and dedication anyone can get a at the least so nothing less then excelence should be acknowledged.

I want to be a part of this renewed effort and use my natural abilities as a communicator to push back against the rather formidable forces behind the anti-environmentalist movement. I sincerely hope you will consider supporting this non-traditional avenue towards global sustainability and conservation. I have already been accepted to one of the most prestigious communications undergraduate programs in the country and I plan to minor in environmental studies . In addition, I maintain a relationship with my former supervisors at Save the Manatee and Sea World, who will be invaluable resources for finding employment upon graduation. I thank the committee for thinking outside the box in considering my application.

Scholorship essay

scholorship essay


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