Science over religion essay

If you actually answer these questions, even though I prolly wont buy it, I'd have a million times more respect for you and your religion. To date I have only received circular answers that refer back unto the bible as proof of fact. You are proposing to do otherwise here, but what that otherwise is, infact, is what I was referring to above with 'new age Christianity' - you reinvent your religion to suit more modern, palatable concepts and are therefore not Christian at all. Where were your special brand of Christians back when us atheists were getting torn new ones (literally), not so long ago? Are you going to tell us that this more user friendly version of Christianity has been running as a secret sect this whole time? I'd actually somewhat accept that graciously (but I'm still gonna go to hell), however I'd need that elusive thing that we atheists refer to as proof. If the bible is your proof of that, you fail.

Is there any way out of this impasse created by man himself? All of us, and particularly those who are responsible for the attitude of the . and the ., should realise that we may have vanquished an external enemy, but have been incapable of getting rid of the mentality created by the war. It is impossible to achieve peace as long as every single action is taken with a possible future conflict in view. The leading point of view of all political action should therefore be: what can we do to bring about a peaceful coexistence and even loyal cooperation of the nations? The first problem is to do away with mutual fear and distrust. Solemn renunciation of violence (not only with respect to means of mass destruction) is undoubtedly necessary. Such renunciation, however, can be effective only if at the same time a supranational judicial and executive body is set up empowered to decide questions of immediate concern to the security of the nations. Even a declaration of the nations to collaborate loyally in the realisation of such a restricted world government would considerably reduce the imminent danger of war.

Science over religion essay

science over religion essay


science over religion essayscience over religion essayscience over religion essayscience over religion essay