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The relation between Locke's political views and his view of happiness should be pretty clear from what has been said. Since God has given each person the desire to pursue happiness as a law of nature, the government should not try to interfere with an individual's pursuit of happiness. Thus we have to give each person liberty: the freedom to live as he pleases, the freedom to experience his or her own kind of happiness so long as that freedom is compatible with the freedom of others to do likewise. Thus we derive the basic right of liberty from the right to pursue happiness. Even though Locke believed the path of virtue to be the “best bet” towards everlasting happiness, the government should not prescribe any particular path to happiness. First of all, it is impossible to compel virtue since it must be freely chosen by the individual. Furthermore, history has shown that attempts to impose happiness upon the people invariably result in profound unhappiness. Locke's viewpoint here is prophetic when we look at the failure of 20 th Century attempts to achieve utopia, whether through Fascism, Communism, or Nationalism.

The Court granted interim springboard relief to UBS until the trial preventing the former employees from further defecting staff or clients of UBS with whom they had recent dealings. The Court found that such relief did not only apply to cases in relation to misuse of confidential information or trade secrets by employees, but that it also applied to prevent any future, or serious economic loss to a former employer caused by former employees taking an unfair advantage of any serious breaches of their contracts of employment. It remains to be seen as to whether Hong Kong will adopt similar principles.

Springboard definition essay hero

springboard definition essay hero


springboard definition essay herospringboard definition essay herospringboard definition essay herospringboard definition essay hero