The santaland diaries essay

A World Premiere
Written by Larissa Fasthorse
Directed by Sam Pinkleton KC Rep proudly presents the world premiere of a new play by preeminent Native American writer Larissa FastHorse.  Twin siblings, the last members of their tribe, have just lost their grandfather when the KKK comes knocking with hopes of forming an alliance to ensure the continuation of their race.  A chilling look at the notion of racial purity, this story reveals the challenges contemporary Native Americans face when fighting extinction in a world that seems to have already forgotten they exist.  The siblings attempt to find their voices in the outside world, while preserving the heritage that is now theirs alone to carry forward.


A World Premiere
Written by Christina Anderson
Directed by Marissa Wolf In a segregated Depression-era city, rent parties rage above, while men hungry for work and love roam the streets. A string of murders occurs but no one suspects the killer is the quiet, charming librarian, Paul Pare Jr. Reactions vary across the city, and as we watch the word spread from person to person, we wonder if the killer’s violence will extend to those closest to him. Written by Kansas City native Christina Anderson the story examines a world where a criminal and his victims can get lost in the crowd.


The Santaland Diaries is acerbic and totally just for adults. Oh, and it’s   hilarious . The Horizon Theatre is a professional theater that’s been serving up plays to the Atlanta community since 1983. It resides in Little Five Points and probably has some stories to tell about the quirky neighborhood. We saw the Santaland Diaries on a cold night, so I was thrilled when I walked up to the concession stand and saw “hot chocolate with cheer” on the menu. I don’t know what  kind  of cheer went into that hot chocolate but it warmed me up, and the sweet, chocolatey concoction was delightful.

The santaland diaries essay

the santaland diaries essay


the santaland diaries essaythe santaland diaries essaythe santaland diaries essaythe santaland diaries essay