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Jackson couldn’t help herself when she was overcome by the spirit, a quality she had picked up as a girl in her native New Orleans, where the yelps and howls and fervent stomping of storefront Holiness churches were unavoidable. A lifelong Baptist, Jackson nonetheless credits “Sanctified” services with influencing her unbridled delivery.
“Everybody in there sang and stomped their feet and sang with their whole bodies,” Jackson recalled in “Movin’ On Up,” her 1966 autobiography. “They had a beat, a powerful beat, a rhythm we held on to from slavery days, and their music was so strong and expressive, it used to bring tears to my eyes.”

Top 20 Quotes for Black History Month
Words of inspiration, wisdom and wit from some of the most well known African American authors, poets, sports and political figures combine an outpouring of pride with hope and anger in expressions that capture the spirit of black history ....
How James Earl Jones Turned Fear Into Fame
Perhaps you know James Earl Jones as the voice of Star War’s Darth Vader or as Mufasa in the Lion King. He has been laden with Tony, Emmy and Obie Awards. People look at him today and see a confident actor with a deep, resonant voice. The next time you see him, look deeper .... African-American Spiritual Health & Healing People of color face stress in everyday life that can affect both physical and spiritual health. Taking care of others may be a part of the African-American cultural heritage that's been handed down through generations, but it just may be time to start taking care of yourself....
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Theme for black history essaya

theme for black history essaya


theme for black history essayatheme for black history essayatheme for black history essayatheme for black history essaya