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that’s right. Amenabar film, also screenwriter, editor and composer, addresses viewers, not criticism. The following year still achieved a surprising much bigger blockbuster, with Open your eyes that would have its corresponding remake Vanilla Sky and Tom Cruise front; later came href=”http:///es/” The other (2001) starring Nicole Kidman . Was an international success and numerous charts around the world is included as one of the best horror movies of this century.

Robert Barron , an American Catholic priest, writes in an article: "Hypatia was indeed a philosopher and she was indeed killed by a mob in 415, but practically everything else about the story that Gibbon and Sagan and Amenábar tell is false". [42] Irene A. Artemi, a doctor of theology at Athens University, states that "The movie—albeit seemingly not turning against the Christian religion—is in fact portraying the Christians as fundamentalist, obscurantist, ignorant and fanatic". [43] Similarly, the atheist Armarium Magnus blog said: "Over and over again, elements are added to the story that are not in the source material: the destruction of the library, the stoning of the Jews in the theatre, Cyril condemning Hypatia's teaching because she is a woman, the heliocentric "breakthrough" and Hypatia's supposed irreligiosity." [44]

Thesis amenabar

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