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Perhaps some students are told not to begin a sentence with "because" to avoid sentence fragments (something like "Because Mary and Samantha arrived at the bus station before noon" is a sentence fragment), but it is perfectly acceptable to begin a sentence with "because" as long as the sentence is complete (as in "Because Mary and Samantha arrived at the bus station before noon, I did not see them at the station.") Watch It!  
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Actually, Franklin’s reputation regarding limiting sleep is closely akin to his reputation for frugality – "A penny saved is a penny earned," and all that. Sleep is something that is natural, but has the potential for being misused. (Too much of a good thing, in other words.) In Franklin’s day, industriousness and hard work were extremely important human virtues. Edison adopted Franklin’s philosophy as well, and in both cases, it was important for them to model their behavior in a way that suggested that they didn’t sleep very much . To them, it meant that they were diligent and demanding in their lives, and never lazy in any way. In Franklin’s autobiography, he explains his quest (tongue-in-cheek) for moral perfection. In his principles for order, Franklin offered appropriate activities for each hour of the day. In his thesis, Franklin allocated only 4 hours of sleep per night . This tenet is the most often quoted reference to the myth of Franklin’s lack of sleep .

  The primary mission of the Sociology  Department  is to provide students with  sociological   perspectives  and  sociological  techniques  of  inquiry designed to enhance  their intellectual,  personal, and  occupational  lives. Part of this  mission is to offer academic  programs  appropriate  for students  with a  wide variety of  backgrounds  in order to  address the diverse  needs for higher  education in our  community,  and to provide  courses that are  designed to  enhance individual  student understanding of  interactive, institutional, and macro-level  aspects  of our diverse world. A further aspect of the mission  is to  provide opportunities for students to connect  sociological  understandings to community  experience and to enhance such  understandings through  service to the community. The Department  mission includes the encouragement of  faculty engagement  in  instruction, curricular development,  professional activity, and  governance in order to promote a strong teaching  and  learning  environment.

Thomas edison thesis

thomas edison thesis


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