Wilhelm reich research papers

I am convinced that every family should have several orgone blankets and a large orgone accumulator in their home, by which small cuts and injuries could be treated and healed, and the immune system boosted to strength.  Instructions for beneficial use and applications are given in my Orgone Accumulator Handbook , written for the educated layperson, and one does not have to be a rocket scientist to understand the orgone energy, or life-energy, or the accumulator.  It is an excellent method by which the health of individuals, families and the nation, could be greatly benefited, and in a most economical way.

The song " Cloudbusting " by British singer Kate Bush describes Reich's arrest and incarceration through the eyes of his son, Peter. [40] The 1985 video, in which Donald Sutherland plays Wilhelm Reich during his research and subsequent arrest, features a Foucault pendulum as an alternative method of demonstrating the rotational motion of the earth to prove the heretical view that the Earth was not the centre of the Universe . The Foucault pendulum in this video simultaneously connects and contrasts the disgraced Wilhelm Reich to both of the respected Foucaults, the scientist, Jean Bernard Léon Foucault and the philosopher, Michel Foucault , who had died one year prior to the video in 1984.

Wilhelm reich research papers

wilhelm reich research papers


wilhelm reich research paperswilhelm reich research paperswilhelm reich research paperswilhelm reich research papers