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East Asia: In 2002, a study of maternal mDNA indicated that the dog diverged from its ancestor in East Asia because there were more dog mDNA haplotypes found there than in other parts of the world, [46] but this was rebutted because village dogs in Africa also show a similar haplotype diversity. [47] In 2015, a whole genome analysis of modern dog and wolf sequences concluded that based on the genetic diversity of today's East Asian dogs, the dog had originated in southern East Asia, followed by a migration of a subset of ancestral dogs 15,000 YBP towards the Middle East, Africa and Europe and reaching Europe 10,000 YBP. Then, one of these lineages migrated back to northern China and admixed with endemic Asian lineages before migrating to the Americas. [15] A criticism of this proposal is that no dog remains date beyond 12,000 YBP in this region but date to 14,000 YBP in western Europe, however it is accepted that archaeological studies in the Far East are generally lagging behind those in Europe. [10]

A messenger was sent, and soon he was in the underground home of the Dwarves. It was very dark, numerous lanterns lit the caves and the stalactites and stalagmites. In fact, it looked quite pretty. Some Dwarves ran about with yet more lights, some puffed bellows to heat the fires of the great forge, while others worked a different shift and were resting on toadstools chatting. The leaders of the Dwarves conferred together:
“We will make you an enchanted chain,” they said. They were a friendly lot and set to work at once. It took a long time, for there is much work in making a chain and even more in making enchantments. At last the Dwarves proudly handed over their work: “It is magic,” they said. “What is bound with this will remain bound until the End of Days.”

Wolf homework help

wolf homework help


wolf homework helpwolf homework helpwolf homework helpwolf homework help